Jagad Guru Chris Butler quotes – The Seer

What about the seer? What about you? This is the crux of the matter. Even if scientists can determine how electrochemical impulses translate into such varying forms as a golden sunset, a red truck, or a flower, the main question still remains: Where is the self who is looking at those forms and images? What is this self made of? In what part of the body or brain is it? In other words: What is your essence, and where are you?

Jagad Guru Chris Butler – Science of Identity Foundation


So sensory experiences determine the content of your mind, and you are the viewer of that content. It’s just like going to a movie. You are the viewer of the content of the movie. You, the self, are in the “theater” of the body, watching the movie that is appearing on your mind. You’re like a person in a theater viewing a film that is appearing on the screen. Your eyes, ears, and other organs of perception are like cameras, recorders, and so on. Your mind is like the film or tape that the information is recorded on. You, the self, are like the moviegoer who perceives all the information (forms, colors, sounds, feelings, and so on).

Jagad Guru Chris Butler – Science of Identity Foundation

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