Jagad Guru Chris Butler quotes – The Buddhist’s Aim

Modern no-self philosophers say that when the gross body is finished, the illusion of the self ceases. The Buddhists claim that the mind is different from the gross body, and that the mind continues to exist even after the gross body has died. As long as this mind continues to exist, then there is a continuation of embodiments. So the Buddhist’s aim is for no more mind—because when there is no more mind, then there will be no gross physical body. And since there is nothing other than the mind covered by the gross physical body—no atma within or covered by the mind—that leaves nothing.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler – Science of Identity Foundation


For thousands of years, sages have taught various methods of physical exercises and meditations that are conducive to bringing about an out-of-body experience.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler – Science of Identity Foundation

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